How to Build a Gaming Community

Tips from the gamrpod team!

Building a community in the gaming and live streaming world is the most important and most challenging task as you start your streaming career.

In this short article we'll take a look into some creative ways to build your gaming community!

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Gaming and Esports forums

A forum is a place where people can discuss topics, share ideas, and interact with each other. Think of Reddit! Forums are great places to get feedback from your audience. They allow you to engage with them directly and create a sense of community. A good forum should have a clear purpose and focus, but it should also be easy to navigate and use. We highly recommend creating a gaming discord and adding it to your live streams!


Host an Esports event

Hosting events is a great way to connect with your community. Events are fun ways to bring people together and foster relationships. You can host LAN Center meetups, virtual workshops, and best of all collaborative live streams!

Collaborating with other streamers will allow your personality and streaming style to reach other communities. Who knows, your co-streamer's community might love you and join your community!

Give rewards

Rewards are a great way to keep members engaged and active. If you’re hosting an event, give out prizes to those who attend or to who invites the most users to your channel! If you’ve got a a major live stream coming up, offer some freebies to attendees!

Final thoughts

Building a community MUST be organic. Do not rush the growth of your streams or views. When you start a live streaming community you may feel like you're not getting any traction. Don't cheat your way to the top and buy fake followers or fake views on your content. Most platforms has integrations that know bot views and followers. If you stay consistent and look for new opportunities to grow you'll start relating to more and more people over time. BE YOURSELF.

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