5 Tips to Become a Better Live Streamer

Updated: Oct 15

Streaming tips from the gamrpod team!

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Are you a gamer who live streams your gameplay? If so, why not take it to the next level and become a better streamer of video games? Streaming is an amazing way to connect with your audience and share your passion for gaming. However, it’s also a challenging task that requires unending dedication, constant practice, and an excellent skill set. If you want to take your streaming to the next level, here are 5 tips that will help you get there.

Let dive into it!

Research the games you want to stream

When you first begin streaming, it’s best to start with games that you already know inside and out. This way, you’ll be prepared for any questions or challenges that might arise during your first few live streams. Additionally, you can use this research time to discover new features or functionality of the platform you’re using. So before you start streaming, do your homework and become as knowledgeable as possible about the games you want to play.

When you know the ins and outs of the games you want to stream, it’ll be much easier to communicate with your community. It’ll also help you maintain a consistent mood and tone throughout all of your live streams. This will allow you to be organic and relatable to the community you are building!

Set goals for each live stream

While you should definitely start off with games that you know, you should also set goals for each of your live streams. For example, your first live stream could be a test run while your second live stream could be dedicated to answering as many questions from your audience as possible. After that, you could host a live stream where you play co-op games with your viewers. Every live stream should have a purpose and contribute to your overall long-term goals as a streamer.

Whatever goals you set for each live stream, be sure to communicate them with your audience. This way, both you and your viewers will know what to expect from each live stream. It’ll also give your audience something to look forward to each time you go live.

"The key to being a successful streamer is setting goals and tracking progress. " –

Collaborate with fellow gamers

A great way to improve your streaming skills is to collaborate with other streamers. For instance, you could host a live stream with another gaming streamer who has similar interests and demographics as you. This way, you can learn from each other’s strengths and stream styles. You could also have each other’s backs when it comes to answering questions from your viewers. Collaborating with fellow gamers can help you become a better streamer by allowing you to learn from the best. This also allows you to widen your reach with a new community. Resulting in new followers for your next stream.

Establish a routine before you stream

Another great way to become a better streamer is to establish a routine before each stream. You can do this by setting a schedule for each day of the week. This way, you’ll know when you’ll be streaming and can prepare accordingly. It’ll also help you build a consistent presence on your platform of choice. When you’re consistent with your streaming schedule, it shows your audience that you care about them. It also shows that you’re dedicated to streaming and are in it for the long haul.

By establishing a routine before you stream, you’ll also be able to save time and have everything you need ready before your stream starts. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing out on great moments while you’re trying to get ready. Most beginner streamers find this to be the most difficult task!

Stream with the best equipment you can find

Finally, you can become a better streamer by investing in the best equipment you can find. You might be surprised at how much better your streaming experience is when you start using professional-grade equipment. When you have the best equipment for streaming, you’ll be able to host an even better experience for your audience. This is one of the main reasons gamrpod was created. We wanted to give beginner streamers (or pro streamers) access to a professional content creation environment in LAN centers and Esports facilities. It’ll also allow you to convey your passion for gaming even more with less lag and higher quality content for your viewers.


When you become a streamer, you’ll want to create a strong connection with your audience. As you grow your community it will also help you become more confident as a gamer by challenging yourself in new ways. When you become a better streamer, it will allow you to share your passion for gaming and will connect you with people all around the world!

If you want to take your video game streaming to the next level, these 5 tips will help you build a great foundation to get you there.

Always continue to learn and grow!

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