Why Blue Screens are Better Than Green Screens for Live Streaming

Tips from the gamrpod team!

When it comes to taking your live streaming to the next level you might be looking into a green screen to key out your background. The infamous "green screen "might be the first item you search for. In recent years, we’ve seen an uptick in blue screen video creation as well. So which is better? There are plenty of advantages to using a green screen. Green screens tend to be cheaper than blue ones because they don’t require specialized lighting and windows. However, even with all these benefits listed above, there are reasons why blue screens are better for live streaming and content creation. Let’s take a look at why.

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gamrpod's V2 Unit at Esports Stadium Arlington

Blue Screens are Better for Editing

One of the biggest advantages of blue screens is that they’re better for editing. A blue screen is a purer color that’s easier to replace with other images in post-production. With a green screen, you run the risk of getting a background that may be too close to the color of what you’re replacing, requiring more time and effort to get the desired look. When you have to edit out a green screen, you have to use a greenscreen removal software that can separate the foreground streamer from the background. A blue screen doesn’t have this problem because the color is so much more pure that it can be easily altered no matter the lighting and setting.

Blue Screens are More Resistant to Shifting Lights

Another reason why blue screens are better than green is that they’re more resistant to shifting lights. Think of dark LAN Centers or Esports Facilities that have event lights! The biggest threat to getting a great green screen shot is inconsistent lights. If the lighting changes in the room, it can create a patchy look to your green screen due to shadows, which can really change the outcome of your live stream. With a blue screen, the threat of inconsistent lights isn’t as high. Blue is a color that doesn’t appear as much in shadows, so there’s no light spilling onto the screen or on the streamers face!

Blue Screen Shoot Outcomes Are Consistent

Finally, blue screens are more consistent than green ones. When you’re streaming against a green screen, you can’t control the color like you can with a blue screen. The color green can easily reflect light in the room and can even cast a green halo around the streamer's body. Blue screens make it easier to control and produce consistent results every time!

gamrpod's Built-in Blue Screen

With all that said - the gamrpod team understands how important keying out the background is to provide a more professional stream to your community. Our built in blue screen allows our users to essentially "plug and stream" in the ultimate content micro -studio. Contact your local LAN Center or Esports Facility to see if a gamrpod unit is available to start your streaming career!

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