The gamrpod story

As gaming became more popular, it became more accessible.  As high quality live streaming and content creation become more and more popular, both remain out of reach to most aspiring creators and remains trapped to the homes of established creators.  The founders of gamrpod, Sam Speaker and Dalton Carroll, made it their mission to develop a product designed to make live streaming and content creation more accessible to everyone. 

Sam and Dalton first came together at Temple University where they competed in varsity soccer and were assigned to be roommates their freshman year.  The competition didn't end on the pitch, Sam and Dalton competed in a variety of games in their dorm room almost every night.   At school, Dalton studied audio engineering and communications while Sam studied business and accounting. 


As Sam sought to begin hisTwitch streaming career but was quickly met with a significant sticker shock when he began the process of procuring hardware that would allow him to produce a high quality live stream.   Sam reached out to Dalton and they began to brainstorm.   Given Dalton's knowledge of soundproof environments and Sam's business and hardware knwoledge, the idea of gamrpod was born.